“Family Discovery Search”




Family Discovery Search” – flat $15 research fee. Please allow 1-2 weeks for completion. For those not sure if their ancestor was in the New York Juvenile Asylum (records available for 1853-1923) or New York House of Refuge (records available for 1825-1831 and 1856-1864). Base Fee $15 per individual or family being researched. Guests must fill in the Research Services form to provide information on the individual they want to confirm is in the original records of the aforementioned institutions. There is no refund on the flat fee if no records are found in the original records Mr. Kidder has access to, but Mr. Kidder will (when applicable) identify additional possible avenues of research at other archives, etc. that may have pertinent information on the individual or family being researched. The names of each child’s parents or siblings or aunts and uncles are usually listed in the original Asylum records. Allow up to two weeks for completion of the “Family Discovery Search.” Note: Mr. Kidder has compiled a list of over 36,000 children found in the records of the New York Juvenile Asylum and has published it in book form under the title of Names of Children in the Records of the New York Juvenile Asylum (1853-1923).