“General Genealogical Research”




General Genealogical Research” – $37.50 per hour (minimum order of two hours). When ordering, increase the quantity entered by one for each hour you’d like to add over the minimum of two hours. Please email Mr. Kidder for an estimate of how many hours he feels it would take to do your research based on the information you provide. Be advised that he will not take your money for this “General Genealogical Research” unless he truly feels that there is a decent chance he can be of assistance on your research. This research is either in supplement to, or not related at all, to the New York Juvenile Asylum or New York House of Refuge records. Mr. Kidder draws on his experience with doing genealogical research on his own family and for others for thirty years. Whether you are just beginning or need help knocking down one of those infamous genealogical brick walls, Mr. Kidder can be of assistance. Kidder has published several genealogies on various lines of his family tree and has developed a keen eye for spotting clues and solving mysteries. He even recently reunited an adoptee with her birth family. Mr. Kidder will conduct your research with the same passion as he would if it were his own family.