Sample Pages of Original Ledgers

Sample Pages of Original Ledgers:

Admission Register:

Example of a page from Admission Register (left page in ledger). See below for corresponding page.
Example of a page from Admission Register (right page in ledger). See above for corresponding page.

Indenture Record:

Example of an indenture records showing follow-up visits, etc.

An old indenture ledger. It takes two people to carry this as it’s so large and the binding is loose. Note the special cradle the book must be displayed in to prevent the binding from deteriorating further.

Indenturing Committee Minutes:

Example of a page from Minutes of an Indenturing Committee.

Register of Children Admission/Discharge:

Example of a page from Admission/Discharge ledger. Note that they indicate which children are sent West on orphan trains in the right column.

An old Admissions/Discharge ledger from the 1800s.

Parent Surrender Records:

Parent Surrender Record for Clark Kidder’s great-uncle, Clarence Reese – from Parent Surrender Records.
Cover of Parent Surrender book (1853-60).

Applications for Discharge:

Example of a page from Applications for Discharge, 1860s.

Applications for Discharge (1860s) book in archival box.

Visitor’s Record:

Visitor’s Record Book, late 1800s-early 1900s. The children’s home would be visited prior to their admission or discharge.

An 1825 Case File for a girl named Margaret.
A Case File showing Home Examination Report from 1902.

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