Orphan Train Map

PLEASE BE PATIENT-IT TAKES A FEW MOMENTS FOR THE MAP TO LOAD. This map contains known (to Mr. Kidder) Orphan Train riders from the original (Tier 1) organizations that sent children West during America’s Orphan Train Movement, including the Boston Home for Little Wanderers aka New England Home for Little Wanderers, New York Juvenile Asylum, New York House of Refuge, New York Foundling Asylum/Hospital, New York Children’s Aid Society, et al. Records are available for some of the children. Please utilize Mr. Kidder’s Records Research Service to obtain them. There is an overlay of 1887 Erie Railroad lines and connections for several of the states that received the most riders. Erie was the railroad most utilized for sending children West from the New York Juvenile Asylum and New York Children’s Aid Society. Click on the red markers to view more information for each city. (Note: If you would like Mr. Kidder to add an orphan train rider from your family to the map, please contact him.).

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